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Poverty Expert


Halima Tammy Thompson's personal route from Bluefield, West VA to Pittsburgh was paved with unfortunate occurrences, homelessness, loss, and countless obstacles.  The story of her journey, “One Can of Carrots” has become one of her signature talks and resulted in the creation of a workshop and curriculum rooted in her expertise of The Psychology of Poverty.  The Psychology of Poverty training gives participants an opportunity to shift their perspectives and recreate how they’ve been impacted by the psychological implications of poverty—it provides an avenue to re-route their relationship with money. She says “Poverty is not just about NOT HAVING MONEY.“


“Facing our Truths will be the key to adopting new habits and having new experiences that can guide us to new futures for us and our children”


Tammy is a Poverty Expert, Nationally Sought After Speaker, Executive Producer of We Wear The Mask, a documentary released in 2017 highlighting the stigma associated with women in poverty and The Owner of T3 Consulting and T3 Media.  Her work has been featured in The Pittsburgh Post Gazette.


She is a mother of five and grandmother of 19.  She now lives in Pittsburgh and is raising her granddaughter.


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