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What Does Prosperity Mean To You?

Updated: Jan 9, 2018



  1. the state of being prosperous:"a long period of prosperity"synonyms: success · profitability · affluence· wealth · opulence

\When most of us hear the word "prosperity", we think of money, wealth and possessions.  If we're prosperous financially or in our business, people see us as successful.  We read books about those who have amassed a certain amount of money because we want to know how they did it.  What we don't do is spend much time thinking about the sacrifices, planning, sleepless nights, stress and possible failures of those we see as prosperous. 

This year The Poverty Chronicles will focus on the personal stories of those who are on the path to prosperity.  We will focus on not only the path to financial prosperity, but also emotional prosperity and we'll talk about how one can affect the other.  We will discuss how our experiences have the ability to hinder our journey to prosperity or catapult us to prosperity.

My hope is that you will join us in our discussions and that something you read may help you on your journey to prosperity.

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