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Tammy provides both onsite and virtual training for nonproft leaders, social service providers and for groups of clients being serviced by organizations and institutions.


These are in depth training sessions, and curriculum for leaders and individuals who work with and serve populations who have been and are currently living with the trauma of poverty on a daily basis, and working to move out of poverty.


Training and workshops are customizable to suit the need and include both individual workshops as well as workshop series.

Schedule a training or curriculum development consultation for your organization below.​

  • 30 min

The Psychology of Poverty - REVISED.jpg

The Psychology of Poverty training covers and is not limited to the following topics:

  • Defining Poverty & Distinguishing the Differences Between Generational, Situational, Urban, Rural & Systemic Poverty

  • Systems that Create & Contribute to Poverty

  • Mental & Emotional Isolation of Poverty

  • Stereotypes, Biases & Our Personal Value Systems

  • Poverty, Racism & Gender

  • Developing a Plan for Success



Savvy Savers covers tips to reducing the monthly grocery bill as a starting point for household budgeting: and covers but is not limited to the following:

  • The impact of traditions on shopping habits

  • How to include the entire family in the process

  • The importance of meal planning 

  • How to be strategic with recipes and store circulars in developing grocery lists


Surviving to Thriving.jpg

Surviving to Thriving focuses on the importance of investing in people and their futures and covers topics including but not limited to:

  • Seeing people beyond the statistics

  • How to move beyond past mistakes

  • How to be intentional about immediate and lasting change

  • Recognizing and overcoming imposter syndrome


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